07 January 2010

The Chicago Adventure.. Airport Tales - Security

There is one in every crowd.
The one person who goes through the scanner and sets it off.
This time it was the J-man.. oops, forgot to empty the pockets. He collects things off the ground, and they become treasures, and his pockets are always full of them. He was cool about it, and simply emptied his pockets into the bowl to send through the scanning machine.
As we were collecting our stuff, and repacking it, security steps over to us and asks us to step aside so they could ask us a few questions. Okay, now I am really curious what we could possibly have that would flag security. Well we finally get all of our stuff, and get over to the side with the security officer, and he shows us the bowl of stuff from Jimmy's pockets and asks whose it is. Everybody answers, “J-man's!” at the same time. The security officer confirms with J-man that it is his, and then explained to us what is wrong.
“Do you know what this is?” The security officer holds up a small orange piece of plastic with a circle of metal at one end. We all shrug, and must have had dumbfounded looks on our faces by his reaction. “This is a shotgun shell.” And so it was.. a spent shotgun shell that Jimmy had picked up from some neighbor's yard. (I'm thinking I really need to know more about our neighbors!)
As we are all gasping in astonishment, the security guard says, “So, what are we going to do about this?” Ummm.. gosh what are my options.. can I rewind time and check his pockets before we leave home? Can we just pretend it never happened? Can you just ignore it because it was an innocent error, and let us go on?
Turned out that the security guy was trying to make an impression on J-man, and had already decided that he would simply confiscate the shotgun shell and throw it out.. and J-man with an admonishment to listen to his mother, and tell me what he had picked up so I could decide if it was safe or not. Sheeeeeew.. quick, painless, but I think that J-man got the point.
Me?... I learned that I should find out what is in Jimmy's pockets before we get to someplace with a security checkpoint!

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