01 January 2010

The Chicago Adventure... Road Trip!

The road trip to the airport started out wonderfully. We may have gotten a late start, but traffic was good, and the road was clear and we were making great time.. and then we hit it.. fog.. in the desert. Yeah, you read that right, we drove into fog. The fog was so thick that you could not see anything, including tail lights, until you were within in 20 feet of them. Not something you experience in the desert all that often! I do have to say that we were coming up on the Hoover Dam, so the extra moisture may have come from the Colorado river and the dammed up lakes in the area.
It was the most incredible experience for the kids.. the fog literally formed a wall across the land, and road. It was like driving into a different universe for them. Of course most of the small bit of traffic at that point slowed down.. so much for making great time. We went through three banks of fog before getting to the dam. Each one was gorgeous, and we wished that the cameras were not packed in the luggage. The way that the fog stretched across the land, and started so abruptly was amazing to see.
Once through the fog, and then the slow pace of driving across the Hoover Dam, we had a smooth and uneventful trip the rest of the way to the airport.

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