10 January 2010

Searching for Dreams

We all have dreams.. thoughts of how we want things to be.. the way we picture our life... Living life can often change what our dreams look like, but sometimes we get stuck in a dream and have a hard time seeing past it. Sometimes we get stuck searching for the perfection of our dream, and don't see what is right in front of us.

Sometimes our dreams come to us in forms we didn't expect.. forms we don't recognize. They don't all arrive wrapped in neat packages, tied up with pretty red bows. Sometimes they are messy, sometimes they have pieces sticking out, sometimes they have more parts than we expected.
That doesn't make them any less valid, or any less what we wanted. If we look at it with an open heart, perhaps we will find that those extra pieces, or that messiness is actually something we didn't realize we wanted.

Perhaps we will discover that not only is it more than what we imagined, but it is better than what we imagined.

If you spend your entire life searching for perfection, you may find out at the end of it that you missed the best part, the messy part, along the way. Searching for perfection is like living with blinders on, or locking yourself away in an ivory tower.

Life is about the journey.. enjoy every day, neat or messy. Spend your life living your dreams, in whatever form they are delivered to you in.

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