28 January 2010

It's About Dedication

How many times as home schoolers have we seen people pointing at us and whispering? How often do people question why we would would ever want to be home all day with our children? How often do you feel like you have to defend every choice, every decision, you have made to homeschool?
As unschoolers, it seems we have even more people question us. They want to know how we can be sure that the kids are learning. They want to know how the kids can learn without textbooks and workbooks, without desks and classrooms. They want to know how we can possibly think we can replace teachers for our children. They tell us that we are doing something wrong, that we are weird, that we must be crazy for our choices.
Well, let me tell you...
Life learning, unschooling, is not about being crazy or weird, it is about dedication. It takes a dedicated parent to be willing to provide what their child(ren) need. You are dedicated to providing the best learning experience you can for your children. It is about being respectful, and understanding that even the youngest child is an actual person with real thoughts and desires and needs of their own. It is about love and faith, loving your children enough to put their needs ahead of your desires and faith that it will all work out great at the end.
When you stop defending and start allowing, it is amazing how much more happiness you find, how much more fun there is to be had!

Enjoy life.. Enjoy learning.. Enjoy Life Learning!

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Rawle Austin said...

Great post! Always fight for what you believe passionately about. Very inspiring!