14 January 2010

Making the Unpacking Worth It...

I am starting to see the benefits of our moving. The boys are starting to settle down and not be afraid to go outside now. They have spent several days in a row playing outside for a good part of the daylight hours, and a few of the evening darkness hours running around the house with not even the porch lights on. I was thrilled, albeit surprised, to see them running around the house in the dark.

I was even able to leave the kids alone at home while running a couple of errands one day. I was only gone for an hour, but the aura of the other house was such that the boys would not even go to the far end of the house by themselves!

Even better, my daughter and I actually got to run an errand together a different day, and leave the boys home together. As we pulled up the driveway, the boys came running outside. Little A came up to the car as it stopped and said, "Mom, we finished the dishes!" From the J-man I hear, "Hey, let's unload the car." By the time Ber got out of the car and came around the back to help, the boys were picking up the last bag and walking towards the house. As they head in the door Little A yells back, "Hey Mom, after we carry these in, can we come back out and play?" Later that night they did another load of dishes too... I knew it was in there somewhere..all that respect and thoughtfulness I have tried to teach them.

It's nice to see signs of it coming out again.. now to finish unpacking the boxes...

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