20 January 2010

Rain, Rain...

It may not be big news for anyone else, but it is a definite landmark in our house. So far, my boys have never wanted to take a shower. It was scary.. that water coming down on your head from above, and no where to run to get out of it. I told them to think of it like rain you could get clean in, but they were still leery. After all, when you are outside in the rain there is plenty of room to run around and splash, and nobody tells you to be careful because it is slippery. Plus, you can always duck under cover if the downpour gets to be too much.

Given those reasons, I could not find a reason to compel my boys to take showers until they were ready. How many times do we compel our children to do things out of our own selfishness? How often is the only reason for them to do something only because it is more convenient for us. I always try to find valid reasons if I feel the need to compel them to do things, and if I can't, then I stop trying to compel them. It is always best if they come to it in their own way, and in their own time.

The time for showers has finally come to our house. I just installed the new shower head into the little shower unit in their bathroom, which made it a much less scary proposition. The old shower head was one of those hand held models that had hose taking up the entire shower stall, and had a tendency to fall out of its' holder when it was bumped. With the new shower head in place, and me raving about what a fantastic shower I had earlier, they decided it might be okay to try it out. Being just a shower stall, how far could they slip, and with the spray adjusted to the right place they found out they could back out of the water so that it would not hit their face.

When J-man came out of the shower raving about how fantastic it was, Little A had to get in on the action. The J-man was thrilled with the way the shower massaged his back and got all of his hair wet. With his duck back hair, that has always been a problem for him. Turns out that Little A had just as much fun in the shower as he does in the bathtub. He was in there splashing, giggling, and singing up a storm..

I'm thinking the bathtub might start feeling lonely now.. ah well, after I install the new shower rod, and hang the shower curtain, I'm sure plenty of showers will be taken there too.

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Rawle Austin said...

This is a great development and happy to hear about it. May this be the start of more positive changes to come! ;)