22 January 2010

The Road is a River

Today has definitely been the most exciting day of our week of rain so far. It seems that the entire state had water falling from the sky over it today. That meant an exciting day of weather warnings.. flash flood warnings, blizzard warnings, tornado warnings.. wow!
I want to start by saying that I am so grateful that we were able to move out of our old rental.. not only did water leak in through every window, and run down the inside of the door, but it was at a low point in the block. We would have been flooded inside and out in this storm. Thank you to my love for making our move possible! The new rental is thankfully dry.. no leaks. The best part of today was realizing that we live on the high spot in the area. Even with the rain beating straight against the side of the house, and running down the window panes blurring the view outside, we stayed dry.

I sort of understood the boys wanting to get outside to run around a bit, and thought they would do so on the covered car port that serves as our back porch. Even pouring rain can't keep two active little boys sitting still for long!
I did not expect to hear them running up and over the front porch, and yet that is where they were shortly after going outside. I figured they would stay in the yard, and since we are in a high spot, I decided to let them enjoy themselves. I was quite grateful to not be the neighbors, whose yard and driveway was one huge lake of water with their house sticking out of it.

Next thing I know, Ber is looking out the window and asks if the boys are going to get the mail. She asked because she saw them were half way down the street.  Living out in the country does have some advantages. The boys wandering halfway down the block is just not something to worry about out here. We shrugged it off and let them continue playing. When I asked later, the J-man told me that they were trying to stop the water from going into the neighbor's yard. Incredibly sweet, but just NOT going to happen! That bush in the picture is on the other side of the street from us.. notice how the street has been replaced with a river. That is what happens during flash floods out here. Some times it is not the street that becomes a river, but a wash that crosses the street. If there is a flash flood warning, you NEVER want to drive across those washes.. you just might find yourself riding the wave in your car as  a wave of water comes and carries your car down stream.
For pictures of the boys when they came in from their second foray of the day into the wet wilderness, visit my Project 365 blog. I made them take the shortest route to the bathtub and get in to get out of their wet clothes. That first time out, they had chosen to wear their snow boots. They tell me that they dumped the water out of the boots on the porch before they came in. I can tell you that those boots currently weigh a ton.. it seems that the lining decided to pretend it was a sponge today and absorb as much water as possible. I really do wonder how long it will take for those boots to dry... For now they are residing in the bathtub.
As for the road.. we aren't going to be going anywhere for a couple more days as I don't have a boat. I hope to get pictures of our road turned river, but I'll wait until the rain stops. That just might be another two days though...

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