16 January 2010

Why We React That Way

"Emotional reactivity only comes from our own unfinished business." - Heather T. Forbes

So many things upset us only because we see the faults/unresolved issues in ourselves. I personally try to thank every person that brings those things up in me.. I think it makes me a better person to see those thing in myself because then I can work on resolving these issues. It is a gift to me to have someone bring these unresolved issues to the surface. There are times when I wonder if I would have found the issue if it was not for the people in my life bringing them up for me.

Next time you start getting worked up about something that someone has done, stop and look at yourself. Take a deep breath and let it out; take a good hard look at yourself, especially when it is your toddler, your teenager, your child.. 

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