05 February 2010

Balance for Rejuvination

As a mother, we have so many things that call to our attention each day. It can be quite overwhelming some days. As they say, if mom isn't happy, no one is. Taking time to relax and recharge yourself each and every day is essential to being your best and providing your best for your family. I hope these affirmations will help to remind you of that.

I balance my night time with rest and enjoyment so each and every morning I may rejoice in rejuvenation.

I wake up alive and revived because my life is balanced with a reprieve from the daily routine. The moment the sun's rays shine through my window and touch me awake, I am psyched and prepared for the day.

As I stretch and slide out of bed, I celebrate my awakening with a breath of fresh air. I hop into a comfortable shower singing a melody to match the birds outside my window. I take the time for a good quality breakfast which nourishes my body.

I can scarcely wait to bounce into my day! Today is a good day and I am ecstatic to be a part of it.

I arise so alive because in the evening I take the time to rest and fully relax. I permit myself the down time I need to shake off the strain from the day, as well as do the things my body and mind require to wind down.

I run a shower of warm water to relax my muscles and quell my mind. I make time to reflect on the day and let go of my anxieties and worries, visualizing them evaporating away from me as the steam rises from the warm water.

I feel my body's tension release and I unwind.

Today, I choose to make relaxation time a priority, understanding that my reward awaits me the next day when I awake.

Ask Yourself:

1. How do I feel when I wake up each day?

2. How do I relax at night?

3. Do I make this time to care for myself a priority in my life?

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