28 April 2010

Being Grateful For Empty Space

Does it seem weird to be grateful for empty space? When was the last time you were able to sit in a clear area and just take in the room to breathe? When was the  last time you could do that in any random point in your house?
This morning we endeavored a great clean up. I decided to move the boxes and piles of "stuff" in the living room out of the way to sweep behind them.. Wow! The amount of dust balls I was able to gather was amazing! I used to be ashamed to admit that any part of my house had gotten that bad. Now I have decided to be proud of what I have accomplished instead. And I believe that ferreting out dust balls is quite an accomplishment!
In doing so, I managed to shift all the clutter from its' normal place to a new place in the living room. I did a good thorough sweep and we washed the floor. Then we all sat down to rest. As we sat there, I realized that I was admiring the clean empty space. I pointed it out to the kids and asked them to consider which they liked better.. the empty space or the pile of clutter. Which did they want to live in? Breathing great sighs of relief, they all pointed to the empty space. To which I breathed a sigh of relief!
I reminded them that we had to get rid of toys, clothes, junk.. lots of stuff to be able to have that empty space. This afternoon, we are still working on our great project, and I am being grateful for the emptiness.


unschool said...

I am longing for empty space like you have! Still working on it, though--thank you for the inspiration. :0

unschool said...

Oops, that face at the end was supposed to be a smile, not dismay! :)))