30 April 2010

Off the grid..

Lately it may seem that I have gone off the grid. I have disappeared from all the social sites, disappeared from my email, and some even think I have disappeared from my phone. But seriously, I am just being a little bit scarce. The weather and small turns in my life account for the rest.

We have had a marvelous couple of wind storms the last few weeks. I used to joke that every time the wind blew we lost our cell phone and our internet. Last week when the ISP sent people out to repair our lines, we realized that was actually true. The wind would blow the line, and the signal wouldn't go through it. Hmm.. who would have guessed. Well, they did something to the line, and replaced part of it, and we now have the faster speeds we were promised were here when we moved in. Right up until the wind storm this week.

Again we started losing our signal, and when it got really bad and I couldn't stand it anymore, I called the ISP. This time it turns out that the whole area is having problems though.. our area and the other major center an hour away from us. Thankfully, it seems to have gotten fixed this evening already.

As for the small turns in the rest of my life.. my divorce has been finalized and I am finally healing from the abuse my x-husband put me through. Thankfully, so are the kids, although I think it may take them a little longer. In a weird turn of events, my youngest has actually gotten scared over how emotionally strong I am becoming as I heal. I have never stood up for my rights, even to my children before.. Strange I had never noticed that while it was happening.

Other news from outside my children and I have brought us news of my step father's company shutting down his department.. Can we say no more job? And the ramifications of the ongoing medical bills for my mother's breast cancer treatments in the light on no insurance... We followed that one up with a phone call telling us that my grandmother was in the hospital and they had planned open heart surgery to replace two leaky valves. Have I ever mentioned how close I am to my mother and grandmother?

The continuing news for both of those is that my step father has gotten another job offer already that is equal to what he had, so we are all breathing a sigh of relief there. And the surgery seems to have been a success and my grandmother has been moved to the rehabilitation center. She seems to be doing quite well, and is quite happy with the medical facility she is in and the staff. We are looking forward to the awesome recovery the doctors predicted and within six months she should be better than before.. I know when I spoke to her on the phone the other day, she was full of the usual fire, it was just burning a little bit lower than we are used to. But I had an awesome conversation with her, and her brain was a s sharp as a whip. I think I would fall apart completely if she ever lost that.

And for the final small turn of my life, my computer has once again died. So I have multiple computers int he house that are each having problems of some sort, and none of their parts can be combined to rebuild something that runs. Ahhh.. I love my life!

Through all of this, I have decided to just keep pushing through. I guess you could say I am fighting out of my old life, and trying to climb into my new one. One thing that has really kept me from wallowing in all that has been going wrong is a book that we have been reading. Yes, I said we.

I never consider my kids to young to learn, and I think that principles of achieving success and law of attraction, among others, are ones that do best being learned at a young age. To this end, I enjoy reading books like this out loud to whoever is in the room. More often then not, I have an audience to discuss the ideas with when we finish a section.

The book we are currently reading is 'You Were Born To Be Rich' by Bob Proctor.

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