08 May 2010

Choose Your Perspective

Sometimes, you just have to sit back and look around you. Life can be so fast paced. There are times that we just run from one activity to the next, and never stop to see what is actually around us.

I often wonder what force it is in the Universe that decides that it is time to stop, and arranges for it to happen. Does that ever happen to you? It can be the smallest thing that makes you stop. And once you have stopped, you start to look around and really see what is there again. How often do we take all those little, every day things in life for granted? How often do we see everything that doesn't go our way as bad?

When things don't happen the way you want them to, perhaps it is really a blessing. Perhaps it means that something better is coming. I have been having a lot of little, and not so little things, start breaking down lately, and a few just down right quit for good. It has not been a pleasant experience. But, I decided that there were two ways I could see things.

I could choose to see things as a victim, and complain about everything breaking. I could sit down and cry over the amount of money it seems I will have to spend to replace these things. I really could.. And this is the path I used to choose, the only one I ever saw before me. And when I would keep going, people would tell me how strong I was.. but there is a reason I keep going, and it is not strength.. it is simply seeing things from a different perspective.

I choose to see that you have to clear space in order to receive new things, that it is always darkest before the dawn, that the old or sick part of the plant dies off to allow the whole to live and grow strong, that the prairie can live through the brutal wildfire burns because their roots are deep and they regrow stronger than ever before. This is what I see in my life. I see the dark, I see the dying stems, I see the brutal wildfire. Through all of this, I KNOW what comes after, what I have to look forward to. This is why I keep going, because I KNOW what comes next.

When life seems to be spinning out of control, it might just be time to sit down and look around, and choose what perspective you want to see things from.

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