03 May 2010

Feeling Lost in The Sea of Knowledge

I am feeling lost in the sea of knowledge, except it is written in Ancient Greek, and I never learned to read that.

Somewhere along the way I have gathered all the tools and knowledge I need. Somehow this is not a comforting statement when you consider that I really do not know what it is I need. I am sitting in that state of not knowing enough to have a question. It is not that I understand it all, just that I don't understand any of it! Ugh!

Have you ever been in this place? It can be quite frustrating. Especially when you do not even know where to look to get more information, to get help. Consider how often your children must go through this. We have a tendency to talk about things, teach if you will, from our level of knowledge. This often means that you pass over all the basics that are second nature to you. It reminds me of speech class in high school where everyone had to prepare a how to speech on a simple every day procedure, like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I remember my teacher sitting towards the back of the class following the directions exactly as given by the speaker. What an eye opener! It really made me consider how to teach or instruct.. how to really get down to basics and start at the beginning.

This only fuels the importance of encouraging the love of learning, or exploration, to me. As my daughter once said, the most important thing is knowing HOW to learn. Imagine feeling lost and not knowing where to go. That feeling of helplessness is quite overwhelming, and not conducive to creativity or learning. Once we learn HOW to learn though, the world becomes a different place. Once you know how to look things up at the library, how to research a subject online, the world is open to whatever you want to do because you KNOW how to go learn about it.

I think that is the most precious gift you can give to your child.. that and unconditional love.

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