10 May 2010

Laughing at the Recoil

I can't believe that immigration law passed in Arizona. I am so disgusted by it, that I have been attempting to ignore the whole thing. Fairly easy to do.. no one is going to come harassing us, we are most definitely white.

I caught a ray of hope in the news tonight though! The San Diego school board is actually going to vote on BOYCOTTING the state of Arizona! Have you ever heard of anything so crazy?! They will encourage students and families to NOT visit Arizona if the vote passes. After all, 50 % of their students are Latino. Can you imagine the hassles they would go through just to come see the London bridge in Lake Havasu City, or coming to see the Grand Canyon?! Wonderful family trip sidetracked as they get pulled over to be asked for their birth certificates.. like we all carry those in our pockets everywhere we go. Perhaps they should just be warned to factor in an extra day of time for questioning to make sure they are legal citizens!

Does anyone else see the asinine humor in all of this?! Wow!

Then on the news we see that Boston.. yes that is Boston, MA, all the way on the other side of the country, is boycotting Arizona. They will be boycotting all goods coming out of Arizona. Another four cities in Massachusetts are going to be voting to initiate a boycott against Arizona also. Again.. Wow!

But my favorite, and saved for last on the news broadcast for its obvious humor, was Governor Schwarzenegger. He was speaking at a commencement ceremony at a school in California. He shared that he had been invited to speak at a school in Arizona. With the new immigration law passing, he quickly cancelled the scheduled appearance. He didn't want to get deported back to Austria because of his accent!

I'm dying here! Can't breath! I am laughing too hard! Thanks Channel 12! I needed that!

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