21 May 2010

Pollution in China

Most of the time I believe that we each go about our ordinary day in our own lives without worry about other people's problems. I will admit that I am no exception to this. I have my own problems to figure out and solve.

The toilet needed a new apparatus for flushing, and requires specialized parts, and it still needed to be used in the meantime. The hot water in the kitchen that has been slowly dripping, that the landlord wouldn't come look at, finally got bad enough to be a hissing leak to be heard. Then the cabinet, the wall, the carpet needed to be attended to so that mildew or mold would not grow. The boys hadn't cleaned their room, and I choose to believe that they were running several science projects that had gotten away from them. The oven stopped working, but we still need to eat. The desktop died, the laptop constantly overheats, and I still have websites to maintain. The internet speed keeps randomly dropping to nothing, and the ISP can not figure out why.

I'll leave it at that.. I have a lot going on, and there is only so much of me to go around. I don't list this to complain, but to point out that we each have our own dramas to live. Most of the time, we forget about the big picture. I think the most common thought is, "I am only one person. How much of a difference can I really make. It is probably not even worth the effort." Have you ever had that thought cross your mind?

I saw a link today that took me to an article with plenty of descriptive pictures about the pollution in China. Why does it take something so dramatic to make us take notice? Will we be able to learn the lesson about pollution before we do that to ourselves? Does anyone want to take the time to care? Is anyone even reading this far?

See the pictures for yourself. http://www.chinahush.com/2009/10/21/amazing-pictures-pollution-in-china/

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