01 May 2010

Tumbling Thoughts On Learning and Life

This is supposed to be easy... finding little tidbits to write about each day.. providing meaningful, thought provoking content for my readers! But alas, I find myself a bit drained lately. It seems that all of my witty, thought provoking, repertoire has been used up on dealing with the trials that have decided to insinuate themselves into my life these days, and my children.. who always get my best first.

That is just how it goes sometimes.. and yet life goes on. We pick ourselves back up and keep moving because life is about the journey. Life is about the side trips to explore.

Life learning doesn't just describe an educational model for children, it describes my theory to life. I am as much a life learner as my children are. For each of us that takes a slightly different path. For me, it is about reading and writing, learning and teaching.. For my daughter it is about drawing and artwork, learning and teaching.. For my oldest son it is about computers and robots and how electronics work, and learning and teaching.. For my youngest son it is about animals and plants and mud, and learning and teaching..

Did you catch that common theme? I know.. pretty hard to miss.. just wanted to point it out to you. Learning and teaching is a model to life. We all learn, and then we can all pass on our knowledge to other people. When my 7 year old tells you about how to play a game on the Wii, he is not being bossy, it is not show and tell, it is not look at what I learned. It is his genuine concern that you know how to play and find all the goodies that he already knows about. It is his genuine love for what he is doing, and his genuine concern for all people that shows through at these times..

Did you know that one of the best ways to really get something you have been learning is to teach it to someone else? I think that might be the basis for our love of learning and teaching. It is our desire to learn it better, to really integrate it into ourselves.

When was the last time you stopped to let your child teach you? Have you passed on that new thing you have been learning about? Perhaps today is a good day to learn and teach.

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