19 October 2010

A New Beginning on my Learning Journey

Our learning journey never stops.. or at least that is how life should be. Life is full of wonders to be seen, to be experienced, to learn about. Every day should be one filled with the excitement of learning something new. This will keep you mind in shape!

Keeping your mind in shape may not be something that we think about very often, but as the saying goes, "Use it, or lose it." When we stop challenging ourselves, stop exposing ourselves to new ideas and information, we immediately begin to use those pathways in our brain less. The less we use them, the less the brain tries to maintain them.

On my never ending learning journey, I have been seeking out new ways to help people with the skills that I possess. I have recently admitted to myself that I have quite a few skills as an Internet marketer.. EGADS! Did I just admit to being one of those shady, soulless IMs?! No, not at all. I have always striven to find a way to be an Internet marketer  my own way. As strange as it may sound, my goal in learning about Internet marketing has always been to find ways to help other people.

Up until now, that has consisted mostly of being a web publisher. Phew.. that is a much nicer sounding term! I love to share my knowledge with other people. I love to teach others what I know. I love to learn new things myself.. and I know of no better way to really learn and understand something new than to go and teach it to someone else. I discovered that back in high school when I was a math tutor. I found out that I had a lot to offer to other students who didn't understand what I had figured out already. Thank you Mr. Nelson, God rest your soul. You gave me something that school never did, the belief that I could help others even if I wasn't perfect (yet!) LOL!

So, what is it that I have come up with to help people with my skills? I was thinking that I might just be a bit grateful for some of the special people I have met at local businesses. I would love to see them get a few new customers, after all, they are fantastic at what they do! So every so often I am thinking that I will share with all of you wonderful people some of the wonderful people I have met. If you happen to be in their area, maybe you will look them up! If not, maybe the little bit of mentioning them will give them of exposure they need to improve their SEO and online exposure.. Well, it is definitely worth trying out!

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