24 January 2011

The Adventures of Homemade Soup

You really never know when you are going to run into an adventure. Our latest adventure took place when we started dinner the other night. It was going to be a nice simple tortellini soup. Start by slicing up the carrots and celery into the pot, add the vegetable stock, simmer until soft, add the fresh tortellini, cook for 5 minutes, and dinner is done. Simple, right?

Sure.. it should have been. I am so glad that we bought this slicer years ago. It has made cutting vegetables a breeze. I feel so much safer letting the kids use it than wielding a huge kitchen knife.. hmmm.. well, I used to! My youngest, who turned eight earlier this month, is one of those have to be moving, noise always coming out of him kids. My daughter was like this when she was little. They can hardly sit still long enough to eat dinner. In fact, when my daughter was little, she had to walk around the table while eating dinner.. every time she passed her plate she would stop long enough to put another bite in her mouth. Yes.. there is a point to this!

So my youngest comes bouncing into the kitchen in his usual fashion, asking questions, and making his presence known while I have the slicer over the pot on the stove and am slicing baby carrots into it. The baby carrots were the oldest ones in the fridge.. the ones best suited for the soup. I usually only slice up full size carrots on the slicer. Those baby carrots you have to get a fist hold on.. leaving your knuckles awfully close to that sharp blade on the slicer. So here is my youngest bouncing around, and I here an unexpected noise at the sink and turned my head. Instinct.. turn and make sure the kids are okay.. Silly me.. it was the bag of carrots I left in the sink where I had set it down to rinse them. He was just grabbing a carrot to eat.

Unfortunately, my knuckles were sagging as I turned my head, and I felt the searing pain a split second too late.. my knuckle fell casualty to my distraction. Now, anyone who knows me knows that in emergency situations a calmness comes over me that belies the seriousness of the situation. No point in panicking.. never did anyone any good!

End result: my wonderful daughter, who turned eighteen last month, finished slicing up the veggies and making the soup for me. My boys kept me company and got me coffee, etc. while I kept a rag tightly wrapped around my finger to stop the bleeding.. that took long enough to give me a good scare. The wonderful neighbors had a first aid kit to lend when we realized that there was actually no gauze in the whole house!

A few days later.. it still hurts like.. wait, this is a family site.. fill in the blank yourself. I can't get my knuckle anywhere near water.. okay, so I can, but the neighbors can hear me screaming. Any strenuous physical activity and that finger starts throbbing.. who knew, my entire life IS strenuous activity! Ah well, an enforced calm time will do me some good.. or at least that is what I keep telling myself!

Oh.. the soup? It was fantastic.. we are repeating that one.. without the adventure PLEASE!

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