22 February 2011

Busy Living My Life Journey

I have been quite busy with some other projects lately! And here sits my lonely blog of my life, feeling neglected, as I am too busy living life to write about it! LOL

I discovered a new place to hang out, and to showcase my photography! I am loving Redgage! They allow you to share blog posts and links to nifty things you run across, as well as photos and videos. I am just learning to get around the site, but I think I may just be getting the hang of it!

Here's some of my latest uploads:

Our Kitty: Snowshoe

Life Learning Moth Project

Desert Life

Desert Cacti and Flowers


Our gerbil: Midnight

Yup.. Can you say..'busy'? I hope you enjoy them! And if you are interested in signing up at Redgage, you can do so here.

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