12 February 2011

Juicing Time!!!

I love making green juice! It is so nutritious, and sweet! Today's recipe is seeming to be romaine lettuce, red grapes, celery, and parsley.. listed in order of quantity. This is one of our favorites.. although we do vary our leafy greens. 
Boutenko's Green for Life (Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko (Paperback - Oct. 20, 2005))
It can be very important to rotate your leafy greens, or you will end up losing your taste for them, and won't enjoy your juice as much. There is wonderful information about why this happens in Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko. 

Want to know what is even more nutritious then green juice? Green smoothies.. all that good green fiber to help clean out your body and absorb the toxins. Lovely and kid friendly

My kids love both green juice and green smoothies! Health and nutrition is truly a family event!

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