11 February 2011

Luck or Stuck?

Wow! What a day! When it started out, I knew it was going to be good.. 

We were talking about how things were just coming together so easily today, until we got back into the car after shopping and it wouldn't start. It was not a click click, not a slowly dying start sound, just nothing. 

Well, after sitting there trying to figure things out for a little over an hour, we finally got a bit of good news. Have you ever tried to keep three children from panicking when you are stranded 45 minutes away from home? It was a very long hour! 

The good news though.. a mechanic friend called back, made a suggestion, and the car started right up. Something about a micro switch or sensor.. in my words, the car wouldn't start because it didn't know it WAS in park.

So, after shaking off the upset of being stranded, we are back to talking about just how terrific a day today is! 

Life is GOOD!

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