08 April 2011

Free Speech Needs To Be Protected So We Don't Lose It

Free speech should be determined by the individual.
 Anything less than that is no longer free speech!
The House just voted and passed the Resolution of Disapproval. Yesterday the House voted to block the FCC from protecting our rights to access an open internet. The ending result of these things passing through congress is that our ability to go to websites will be controlled and RESTRICTED by the phone companies and cable companies providing our access to the internet. And, we would be paying our monthly fee like normal for them to do so! Ridiculous!
In this day and age when we can get access to everything around the world online, when we can connect with people we may never have a chance to meet and learn about them and their societies, when we are able to publish our thoughts on any matter (as I am doing now!), it seems ridiculous to me that our government may be handing big businesses the right to RESTRICT what we can see and say online.
This would seem to infringe on our basic right to free speech and peaceable assembly. But, as worded in the U.S. Constitution, the First Amendment only restricts the government from making laws that restrict our abilities for free speech and assembly, etc. In this move to hand the power over to corporations and big businesses they are completely within the U.S. Constitution. What this ultimately means, is that it is up to 'We the People of the United States' to make a stand and let our voices be heard. We are what makes up the government. We elect officials to represent our thoughts, our beliefs, us. Let your elected officials know what it is that YOU are wanting, so that they can appropriately represent YOU.
Follow this link to send a prewritten letter to your Senators expressing your wishes. http://act2.freepress.net/sign/resolution_of_disapproval/
Save the internet.. save our free speech.

This same information can also been seen on RedGage within my blog posts. 

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