02 May 2011

Sparkle Chi Sat On A Wall

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel sick? Nothing to be done about it, and that just makes you grumpy. Have you ever tried to be cheerful on these days? It is not easy. I know.. I am having one of them right now!

I believe instead of trying, I will share a poem that I was inspired to write several days ago. Enjoy!

Sparkle Chi sat on a wall.
Sparkle Chi had a great fall.

Beaten with words that wounded like sticks.
Bruised by indifference that got in it's kicks.

Left battered and torn, but given a sign,
With the world to share what had been mine.

Open your heart, let love grow within.
The long road of life, to share and to win.

To heal, rebuild and bring about peace,
This is love's mission, that never will cease.

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