14 June 2011

Is Organic Produce Really Better?

Food is important. That may seem like a simple statement, but how often do you really consider what you are eating? Food gives us life. Without food, our bodies would wither away. But is all food created equal? Is organic produce important? Is there really a difference? The government has been telling us for years that our food is safe. That is the point to having the USDA.. to safeguard our food supply. Right?

A friend pointed out this video that brings the whole thought of what food you should be eating into sharp focus. Is fresh produce really as good as they say it is? Should we be investing in organic produce at the grocery store?  How much will any of it really affect our health?

What this little girl discovered doing a simple experiment might surprise you. At some point we have probably all taken pieces of produce from the grocery store, the fridge, or maybe leftovers from the kitchen, and watched it grow in fascination as the roots and leaves burst forth from the plant! I do have to wonder if the produce that does not do that is really safe to eat. In my mind it would at the very least be dead, and not very nourishing. Knowing that the farmers are spraying chemicals on the produce to prevent it from growing makes me wonder what it is doing inside my body when I eat it. With all the failing health at ever earlier ages going on in the country, it may be time that we start thinking about our food for ourselves again. It may be time to realize that not all organic produce is created equal. This may be yet another reason to turn to the local farmer and ask for organic produce. 

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