22 July 2011

Racing Beetle Excitement In Our Kitchen!

We just found this fantastic beetle crawling around our kitchen! It was about two inches long and had yellow stripes running down it's back, like racing stripes! Perhaps the little thing's speed is what made me relate the stripes that way!

I finally had to catch the beetle in a clear shoe box bin so that we could get a good look at it, and get some photos! This thing had the most marvelous antennae! They had these red feather looking things at the end, that made it look like the silly thing was wearing false red eyelashes, held away from it's head.

The cat even made an appearance in the shenanigans. At one point, Snowshoe even laid down in the bin with the beetle! Mostly she had a great time pawing at it and watching it crawl around.

I am completely wiped from a really long day following on the heels of an excellent all nighter.. so photos will be forthcoming.. hopefully tomorrow!

I bet you can't wait to see them now!

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