14 July 2011

Vaccine Dangers and Vaccination Choice

Vaccinations. I think for some parents that may just be the scariest, most heart breaking word in the English language.
I grew up learning the history of vaccinations, how many people had been saved by them, how many diseases had been all but eradicated by them, etc. I don't remember ever hearing the risks they carry in them or the dangers they present to some people.
I remember my own vaccinations, some 30+ years ago.. the fevers that followed, the pain, the headaches, the weakness, the sore muscles, the upset stomach.. I hated them. They made me sick every single time. The pediatrician had no answers for it.
My first child had initial vaccinations. With every shot, she got sick. By the time she was 4, I was desperate for answers and unwilling to subject her to any more shots of any kind.
My second and third children have never been vaccinated. They have been healthy their entire lives, hardly ever having a cold or even headache.
Parental choice as a legal exemption on this issue would be wonderful. There are current legal exemptions in every state, but it is not always easy to claim them. With some states you may have to know the right wording for it to be accepted.. and "they make my kid sick," is not a currently accepted reason. "I think they are dangerous," is not a currently accepted reason. "I want to wait until they are older, as a larger body size begins to mitigate the dangers," is not a currently accepted reason.
My beliefs are that I should be able to choose what I put into my own body, and my children's bodies, since I am responsible for them. What are yours?


Vitamins Canada said...

It depends on your choice to get vaccination or not.

Sparkle Chi said...

I heartily agree with that.. the point is that there needs to be the option to choose.. there is, but not everyone knows that, or that vaccines are potentially dangerous. Each person should do their own research on the subject, and be allowed to make their own choice.