25 August 2011

Waiting For The Perfect Time

Tightly rolled, waiting for the perfect time to blossom..

Don't we all do this? We keep ourselves rolled up in a tight ball, afraid to expose who we really are to the world. Afraid that we will get laughed at or ridiculed. Even worse, people may decide that they don't like us. Then where would we be?

When we think about it in this way we are not just limiting ourselves, but depriving the world. Who we each are is a unique being full of individual talents, thoughts, and ideas, that will benefit the world around us in some way. We may not see how we could possibly do so ahead of time. We may not be able to imagine that simply being ourselves could affect any change at all. Yet, it is in being different that we make a working whole. It is by being yourself that you shine the brightest and can achieve the most.

It may seem easier at times to keep yourself rolled up tightly, but consider how much more you can be if you unfurl yourself and allow the wind to fill your sails..
What a fabulous sight that would be.. just imagine.. each of us sharing our unique beauty with the world!

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