28 March 2014

Life Crumbled.. So I Rebuilt It

It has been a long time since I was last here... 

In that time, my life has fallen apart. Then I picked up the pieces, then it fell part again. 

I have continued that cycle more times than I care to try and recall, after all, life should be ablaut the now, and looking forward. I've done enough looking back, and holding on to the past.

So, what has changed? What am I doing now?

I am still homeschooling, if that is what you mean. I love the life learning style of living, and can think of nothing better for my children.. 

What else? I am starting a business with a fantastic business partner, my daughter. We are putting out a brand of products to encourage what we love.. and that is enjoying life. We have started the Huggabe brand to capture the idea that every day should be an adventure, and our products are a reflection of that. Hopefully you will start seeing the Huggabe name all over! That would mean fantastic success! But for now, you can find our products on Amazon. I will share the products another day.

Come back soon, and see if I have had time to come back and tell you more about it!

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